Is Abu Dhabi Good For Desert Safari

Yes! Absolutely, Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place for a desert safari. Abu Dhabi is the dazzling capital of UAE, which does not only boast ultramodern skyscrapers. Immediately outside all this is the Empty Quarter Desert, which extends to infinity and beyond and is a perfect field for such unforgettable adventures. Have you been out […]

Is Abu Dhabi Good For Desert Safari

Yes! Absolutely, Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place for a desert safari. Abu Dhabi is the dazzling capital of UAE, which does not only boast ultramodern skyscrapers. Immediately outside all this is the Empty Quarter Desert, which extends to infinity and beyond and is a perfect field for such unforgettable adventures.

Have you been out in a desert before? Picture endless heaps of sand! That’s what Abu Dhabi has adjacent to its shiny towers. If you need to have fun in the desert as if it were your backyard, this is the place to be! Is it, though? Follow on here why it is incredibly awesome, but is it?

Why Abu Dhabi Should Be On Top Of Your List For An Amazing Desert Safari:

Real Arabian Atmosphere:

Escape from flashy Dubai into something more traditional. The empty deserts of Abu Dhabi are less crowded, enabling one to better understand how humans’ actions can leave incredible nature undisturbed. Imagine far away from noisy roads and shiny buildings! Right within Abu Dhabi’s desert, you can get a glimpse of Arabian nights like in the olden days. Many people in Dubai will tell you it feels much more peaceful than other crowded desserts near Dubai. 

This lets you appreciate the natural beauty of the place. Have fun at golden sands dunes walking around them all day long! Above, city lights do not stand in between, so the sky turns into a vast sparkling cloak during nightfall. It’s just like going back in history to feel how calmness touched every part of the desert at once.

Camel Ride

Imagine sitting atop a noble camel; soft rocking lulls you while sandy landscapes stretch vast distances ahead. This famous experience offers more than just riding; it transports people back through time. Feel the refined grains against your feet as you get off and learn about camels’ significance in Bedouin culture over the past few centuries.

 In the olden days, these animals were the lifeline of nomads in their long travels, which included crossing from one country to another. They were also a source of meat, wool, and milk. During your camel ride, you will learn more about Bedouin life and how vital camels were to them. Take a photograph with your camel mate as a memory.


If you are an adrenaline junkie, pay attention! Let out your inner desert surfer by enjoying excitement-filled sandboarding escapades. Visualize hiking up the towering dune with a board under your arm and the wind blowing in your hair. While preparing for the thrilling slope down on sandy terrains, it dawns on you that this will be exciting and tough, too. 

Don’t worry if you’re new to this—experienced instructors will provide helpful advice and ensure safety during this fun-filled adventure. If you have enough experience snowboarding in the past or are trying it out for the first time, then glide on soft sand, beating all odds until bumps become meaningless phrases to pronounce again. Therefore, accept the challenge face-on and conquer mountains of sand head-on to create unforgettable memories.

Free-Flowing Soft Drinks

Surprisingly, the desert sun can be intense, scorching sands and making you sweat. Ensuring you hydrate well is essential for a safe and exciting time on your desert safari. Your Abu Dhabi desert safari conveniently meets this requirement, offering an oasis of unlimited soft drinks. 

After such thrilling sandboarding or riding camels in the dunes, picture yourself seated at that shaded Arab tent relaxing. You quench your thirst with a cold, carbonated drink and get refreshed for the next escapade. A classic cola, fruity orange drink, or refreshing lemon-lime soda will cater to every taste bud as you forge ahead into a day of exploration.

Dress Up For Memories

One can dive deeply into Arabian culture by trying on traditional Arabic outfits! Most safaris offer thobes (flowing gowns) and sheilas (scarves), including male and female collections. Imagine yourself clothed in these elegant attires, feeling as if you belong to those desert tribes from ancient times. 

Take lots of pictures, and remember to pose against the background of the breathtaking desert, thus capturing everything about this place in photos that will become treasured memories forever. By sharing these images with friends and family members back home, it may be possible to let them feel how magical your encounter with the desert was.

Relax And Recharge

Smoking zones will be provided during your stay at the camp in case you are fond of smoking cigarettes or shisha. These areas are also the best places for relaxation after spending fun-filled days exploring different parts of Abu Dhabi’s great deserts.

What if I were seated in a designated spot where loungers surround me, waiting my turn to smoke while sipping on something cool? Again, they include extensive facilities that make them comfortable and convenient places to relax, whether you are tired or want to interact with others. This is where you go if you need a moment to yourself or wish to chat with fellow travelers before joining the evening festivities again.

Henna Magic

Henna painting is one of Middle Eastern culture’s most ancient and beautiful traditions deeply entrenched. Expert artists will apply intricate henna designs to your hands and arms during your desert adventure. Henna, taken from a flowering plant as a natural dye, creates temporary tattoos with decorative properties and cultural significance.

 They can range from simple geometric patterns to elaborate flower designs, each symbolizing good luck, wealth, or beauty. Choose something that suits you best, and then allow the artists to do their thing on it. This activity is for girls and kids alike since it leaves an unforgettable memoir in their hearts about their trip through the deserts of Dubai. See how happy they would be when they showed off those well-decorated hennas, which were great souvenirs of their being part of Arabian culture.

Feast For The Senses:

Imagine a delectable feast as the desert sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky with vibrant hues. Sit in a comfortable seating area within the camp and listen to music and lively chatter while dining. An enticing barbecue buffet dinner will include various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Savor the flavor of succulent grilled meats such as lamb kebabs and shish taouk, or indulge in vegetarian dishes like falafel and moussaka.

 The culinary experience will only be complete with traditional Arabic side dishes, including hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, etc. Finally, close your meal with decadent Arabic sweets such as baklava or umm ali, sweet treats for people from this region. The star-filled desert sky’s vastness will make this tasty meal an unforgettable experience that can awaken all your senses and make you happy.

Mesmerizing Performances

Get ready to be enthralled by a captivating Tanoura dance performance that is simply breathtaking. There is no doubt about it. Consider this scene: incredibly skilled performers wearing bright multi-layered skirts take their positions on stage. They move gracefully around while twirling to some good soundtrack; these dresses open up resembling blooms of various flowers when they bloom outwards in springtime. 

Such quick spinning creates a breathtaking view, with swirling skirts operating like a color kaleidoscope. In the Sufi tradition, whirling dervishes adapted the unique dance form by using spinning as meditation and spiritual connection. Watching Tanoura’s dance show lets you glimpse this intriguing cultural expression, leaving you spellbound by the artists’ pyrotechnics.


While Dubai offers popular safaris, Abu Dhabi has something different from others in store for you! Move away from big crowds into untouched landscapes of serenity across Abu Dhabi’s sandy expanse, where one could even find himself on a camel, a traditional Bedouin mode of transport, or learn about its history. There is something for everyone, from thrilling sandboarding to relaxation with refreshing drinks. Immerse yourself in a culture that involves wearing traditional costumes and henna art, and then have a tasty BBQ under the starlit sky. End the day with sensational cultural performances like the Tanoura dance. Being full of authenticity and activities, Abu Dhabi’s desert adventure awaits!