Best Quad Bike Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Looking for an exciting adventure on your trip to Abu Dhabi? Then, try out a desert safari with quad biking. This memorable experience will let you beat the dunes, explore the desert, and enjoy delicious food while star gazing.  There are numerous activities available in desert safaris that suit every individual. Hold tight as you […]

Best Quad Bike Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Looking for an exciting adventure on your trip to Abu Dhabi? Then, try out a desert safari with quad biking. This memorable experience will let you beat the dunes, explore the desert, and enjoy delicious food while star gazing. 

There are numerous activities available in desert safaris that suit every individual. Hold tight as you take a terrifying ride through huge sand hills in a Land Cruiser, or indulge in a peaceful camel ride through vast deserted lands. Are you looking for more thrill? Most safaris come with guided quad bike rides, where you can fly across the sand like a pro of the desert.

Desert Adventure 

These traditional Arab camps provide a fantastic accommodation option after an adventurous day. The beverages served there are refreshing, the meals quite delicious, and their cultural dances captivating. No matter what time you prefer, whether morning or VIP, there is always an ideal Abu Dhabi desert safari waiting just for you!

You’ll always remember a desert safari because it takes off from the busy city life to outside Abu Dhabi’s enchanting areas. It reveals vast stretches of sandy desert plains that seem limitless due to the golden-yellow coloration of the sands under an enormous sky dome full of stars. These safaris aim to thoroughly soak oneself into this unique environment and participate in activities typical only of this region.

Activities For Every Explorer 

Your Abu Dhabi desert safari is filled with thrilling activities! Just imagine yourself surrounded by golden-colored dunes, and here is what one can do;

Dune Bashing: 

It’s not all flat, endlessness here, but towering dunes reaching hundreds of feet! Dune bashing refers to driving across mountains riding specialized 4×4 vehicles known as land cruisers. These strong jeeps have solid suspensions and oversized tires that help them easily navigate rugged terrains.

An experienced driver will take charge, turning this desert into an enjoyable playground. It’s a breathtaking ride as they drive you up and down the dunes, making you feel weightless, almost as if flying. And those rapid trips down make your heart pound and leave you gasping for air. Dune bashing is an unforgettable experience that helps one see the desert in a new light.

Travel Like A Desert Explorer On A Camel!

People who wanted to explore the desert have used the camel for centuries. Now it is your turn to experience what they felt! Sit on its back and immerse yourself in the calmness of the desert.

From up here, you can see vast areas stretching away from your view while gently rocking with every step taken by this majestic creature under you. Unwind and enjoy unending hills, lively sunsets, and starry nights while sitting comfortably on the camel’s hump. This journey will allow you to relax while experiencing the beauty of this particular desert landscape.

Ride Over Dunes At High Speed On Quad Bikes

Looking for some adrenaline? Then quad biking is precisely what you need! These four-wheeled bikes are mighty machines that enable riders to gain speed quickly over dunes in deserts.

Most safaris have guided tours where guests can go for quad bike rides. After a short safety briefing, just let it out and enjoy yourself like never before. Follow your instructor through the grandeur of the desert without being rushed or hurried; feel wind kisses brushing against your face and excitement racing through your veins.

Surf The Sand With Sandboarding!

Don’t think that desert outings are just for people with four legs! Sandboarding, the sport of riding down sandy slopes, is a great way to experience a desert. Instead of snow, one gets to slide downhill on gigantic dunes.

Sandboarding is suitable for beginners. Its soft sand surface cushions you if you fall, making learning and refining your technique easy. Furthermore, it is the perfect means of chilling after a day spent in the sun-covered desert environment. Get yourself a board and shred some sand!

Relaxing And Imbibing Cultural Values:

Take time at an original Bedouin camp to relax after an exciting morning or afternoon with excellent desert air. These camps rekindle the hospitable nature of wandering societies found in deserts where they have comfortable places where one can sit, eat, drink, and observe the vast open sky above.

  1. Beat Desert Heat Unlimitedly

Even though it may be unbearably hot in the desert sun, don’t despair! You will stay hydrated during desert safaris by constantly providing refreshing soft drinks. From a classic cola beverage to fruity juice or iced tea that keeps you hydrated while exploring various parts of enormous lands, there will be something to drink out there when your throat quenches.

  1. Dress Like Locals And Add A Touch Of Arabian Flair

You can find many safaris where visitors dress in traditional Arab attire, making them feel they belong there. Just imagine yourself wearing flowing thobes or colorful kaftans like true explorers do. Dressing up like this allows one to take lovely pictures that remind one of how wonderful Arabian nights can be, revealing what another culture could entail, even within a fun-filled engagement.

  1. Night Under The Stars: Dine Like Kings

As the blazing sun sets beneath the horizon, casting orange-red hues across the sky, it opens doors to a royal feast. Tantalize your taste buds with a mouthwatering BBQ dinner with fresh, local ingredients. With a diverse menu ranging from carnivorous delights to veggie heaven for even the most discerning herbivores, one can picture oneself savoring a delicious dish of succulent grilled meats or tasty vegetarian meals under the stars. This fantastic setting, where a cool desert breeze, a crackling bonfire, and a night sky filled with sparkling stars blend, will make you not forget such a remarkable dining experience.

  1. Dazzling Desert Nights: A Cultural Extravaganza

After having a satisfying meal, prepare yourself for a fantastic presentation of cultural displays. Watch in awe as Tanura dancers spin around at very high speeds with their skirts, creating beautiful patterns on the stage floor. Lastly, belly dancing that is performed gracefully with enchanting music will captivate anyone’s attention; it is an ancient form of art that advocates for beauty and sensuality. These colorful performances transport one into different worlds, granting various feelings about the rich cultural background associated with this desert region.

Choosing Your Perfect Desert Safari

SafariPrice (AED)Inclusions
Morning Desert Safari350Dune bashing, Camel ride, 25-30 min Quad bike, Sandboarding, Unlimited soft drinks, Arabic costume pictures, BBQ dinner
VIP300Morning inclusions + VIP seating & table service
Regular250Dune bashing, Camel ride, Sandboarding, Henna painting, Unlimited soft drinks, BBQ dinner (veg & non-veg), Smoking area

Are you now prepared to conquer the desert during your Abu Dhabi visit? The best part is that there are numerous desert safaris to choose from depending on what you want and how much money you have. All these options cost less than 400 dirhams (AED), so you can find a suitable desert adventure for your budget! 

Quad Bike riding in a Safari in Abu Dhabi 

(Desert Safari with Quad Bike – 250 AED)

Imagine racing through the vast Abu Dhabi wasteland on a powerful four-wheel bike; your hair flows in the wind, and sand splashes under your feet. This thrilling experience is included in an unforgettable quad bike desert safari! 

This adventure’s transportation includes a convenient pick-up and drop-off to and from your hotel in Abu Dhabi. It also consists of an exciting dune-bashing ride on a robust Land Cruiser. Hold on tightly as your experienced driver takes you up and down substantial sand hills through challenging territory. A soothing camel ride is the traditional way to explore the desert and appreciate its stunning vistas. Try out some sandboarding by yourself. Feel the adrenaline go through you as you carve down enormous dunes – it’s like snowboarding but with the snow replaced by sand! Unending soft drinks are available all day long for refreshment.

The chance to take photos together dressed in typical Arabian outfits sounds interesting. Where smoking is allowed, there is also a designated area and necessary facilities are provided. The art of beautiful henna tattoos done by a professional artist will be offered exclusively for ladies and children who want it at all costs. There is also a delicious BBQ buffet dinner with options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, making it perfect for refueling after an action-packed day. 

All these come at only AED 250 per person! This desert safari offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy the thrill, beauty, and culture of life inside Abu Dhabi deserts; therefore, make reservations now and have lasting moments!

VIP Touch in the Desert 

(Regular Desert Safari with Quad Bike – 300 AED)

Do you desire extra luxury on your desert adventure in Abu Dhabi? Then, let VIP Quad Bike Desert Safari be your destination! This top-class safari provides all the thrill and exclusivity and special VIP treats designed for those wishing to unwind amid the wilderness.

Relaxing in a private VIP section at the desert camp is one of these perks. In this part of the camp, you will find fewer people around you, creating a more intimate and personalized atmosphere. No queues at the buffet! A tasty BBQ dinner with canned beverages right at your table is what it means. Consequently, you can sit back and enjoy your meal because less pressure is associated with eating out. We will also conveniently pick you up and return you to your hotel in Abu Dhabi. A thrilling tour on a dune basher in a Land Cruiser A relaxing ride on camels The chance to try sandboarding

An endless supply of soft drinks is provided to refresh yourself throughout the day. There’s also an opportunity for visitors to dress up in Arabic costumes for photo shoots and designated smoking areas complete with ashtrays. Women can have beautiful henna designs done while children get temporary tattoos made from henna paste that comes out after 2-3 weeks but leaves beautiful orange or reddish patterns behind on their skins once it’s wiped off vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ buffet dinner. Traditional performances following dinner include a Tanura dance show, fire shows, and belly dancing.

For an additional AED50 (£8) (AED300), you can upgrade to our VIP package and experience true luxury during your desert safari trip; sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything else!

Budget Adventure 

(Regular Desert Safari with Quad Bike – 250 AED)

Early birds hear this! Need a quick desert adventure? Take part in Abu Dhabi’s Morning Quad Bike Safari. It will be a thrilling way to beat the summer heat and experience the beauty of the desert.

Transportation is not an issue! Your hotel in Abu Dhabi will be your pick-up point to start your journey into the deserts. Brace yourself for some adrenaline as you enjoy an expert driver maneuvering a mighty Land Cruiser up and down gigantic dunes. Stay put for dune bashing across vast, endless expanses of desert.

After getting thrilled by dune bashing, take it easy on a camel ride, a traditional mode of transportation in the desert. As you walk gently through sandy areas, appreciate nature’s finest form. Do you fancy sandboarding? Then, get ready to treat yourself with excitement as you slide down substantial sand hills to cool off after an adventurous day of fun involving dune boarding. Get on board for a quad bike adventure that lasts between twenty-five and thirty minutes. Speed up as you conquer the sandy surroundings that make up this arid region.

This morning desert safari costs AED 350 per person, allowing thrill-seekers to experience this deserted landscape without giving up their entire day. So book yours now before setting off because conquering these deserts when it is still cool feels perfect!

Additional Tips:

Dress Code When Visiting Deserts: 

Deserts may become hot and sunny in the daytime, while they may be pretty cold at night. It is better to choose light clothes that cover your arms and legs. Remember to wear a cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. For activities like sandboarding or bashing dunes, wear more closed shoes.

Take a Scarf with You: 

A scarf is an all-purpose item when you are going to deserts. Protect your face during the drive and put it around your head to have some cultural appearance in pictures taken.

Water Is Essential: 

Because of the hot desert air, dehydration can occur rapidly. Bring a reusable water bottle throughout the day to remain relaxed and comfortable.

Do Not Leave Your Camera Behind: 

Remember your camera! Deserts make stunning photos: golden sandy hills or red hues of sunset – so many things for taking shots that will memorize your desert adventure and all those exciting activities.

Having Some Cash Would Be Nice: 

However, some camps might have little shops selling souvenirs or additional drinks not included in the safari service package. Carrying a small amount of cash ensures you can still buy anything within this framework.

Recharge Your Devices: 

You will likely take numerous pictures and record videos throughout this adventure trip. It will only make sense if both cameras and phones are fully charged before departure or if you carry a portable charger to ensure you get all the best moments.

Blend In With Their Culture:

Desert safaris often constitute a chance to enjoy Emirati culture. Some traditional Arabic coffee or dates, learning basic Arabic phrases, and participating in cultural practices like henna painting will interest you.

Be Mindful of the Environment:

The desert is a delicate ecosystem. Respect it by heeding instructions from your guide and disposing of garbage correctly into designated bins.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment:

In the evening, the desert comes alive with traditional performances. Please sit back and watch as the Tanura dancers spin around with remarkable elegance, fire shows that burn bright, bringing warmth everywhere they go, and belly dancers whose movements are enchanting.

Relax and Have Fun!

The desert safari is all about having an unforgettable adventure. Let loose, embrace the thrill, and create experiences that will forever be etched in your mind!


Thus, are you ready to trade city lights for desert nights? An Abu Dhabi safari with quad biking assures an unforgettable moment filled with adrenaline rushing through your body; culture immersion combined with delicious food under a sky full of shining stars this is paradise on earth! With different packages for your specific taste and pocket, a perfect desert adventure is always awaited. Pack your sense of adventure, and remember these points as you prepare to conquer Abu Dhabi’s breathtakingly beautiful deserts!