About Us

Welcome To Abu Dhabi Desert Tours, where the golden sands of the Arabian Desert meet the highest level of adventure. As a leading provider of unique desert adventures, we welcome you to an environment where modernity and tradition effortlessly blend.

In the middle of Abu Dhabi, our journey began with a profound love for the beauty of the desert and a determination to create an unforgettable experience.

Join us for Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, where every sand speck tells the story of the desert, and each sunset leaves an imprint upon your spirit. We invite you to explore the secrets of deserts with us, where each step is an opportunity to dance with nature, and each experience is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing.

Who We Are

We are at Desert Safari Abu Dhabi are more than just guides. We’re also your friends on a journey that will create unforgettable memories amid the Arabian desert. We are passionate about taking a journey and sharing the riches of the desert’s rich culture.

Our team consists of friendly people who will create a memorable experience for you. From expert drivers for the dunes to guides passionate about sharing stories about our desert surroundings, we’re focused on creating a memorable experience that is more than a trip.

We believe in giving you the best experience, taking care of the environment, and mixing the luxury of a hotel with natural beauty.

Our Vision:

In Abu Dhabi Desert Tours, our mission is a bold tapestry of shining threads of the Arabian desert’s majestic beauty and beauty, where we strive to become more than a destination but a gateway to the amazing. We see ourselves as a beacon of hope and capture its timeless splendor and cultural diversity.

Our Mission:

The primary mission of AbuDhabiDesertTours.com is to create experiences that transcend the routine and where every moment is a chapter in the history that is the story of the desert. We’re on a mission to expose our guests to the rich cultural heritage of the Arabian desert, offering a glimpse and a deep dive into its rich history.

What Sets Us Apart:

Here at Abu Dhabi Desert Tours, our distinctive feature isn’t just a slogan but a dedication to excellence that encapsulates all aspects of your desert journey. The following are the key aspects that make our experience exceptional and set us apart in desert tourism.

  • Authenticity and Cultural Immersion:

We’re proud to provide more than just a trip through the dunes. Our dedication to authenticity ensures that each experience is infused with the rich culture that is our Arabian desert. The experience ranges from traditional Bedouin hospitality to intimate encounters with the local culture. We guarantee your time with us will be an authentic journey into the desert.

  • Luxury in the Heart of Nature:

Enjoy luxury in the stunning expanse of desert. Our accommodations, amenities, and service standards are carefully curated to blend luxury and nature perfectly. Whether it’s a sunset camel trek or a night camping under the stars, you can expect the highest comfort within the wilderness.

  • Expertise and Professionalism:

Our team comprises experienced experts who aren’t just guides but genuine lovers of the dunes. From expert drivers who navigate the dunes to knowledgeable guides providing information about the environment, Our team is committed to providing a secure, enjoyable, educational, and thrilling experience.

  • Safety Beyond Compromise:

Our safety is our highest priority. Our modern car fleet is meticulously maintained, and our drivers undergo rigorous instruction to navigate the problematic desert terrain with aplomb. We follow the most stringent security standards to ensure each adventure is thrilling and safe.

  • Customization for Every Explorer:

Since we recognize that every person is different, We offer a variety of customized experiences. For those who want heart-pounding dunes bashing, a peaceful camel ride, or a mix of both. Our customized packages cater to various tastes and ensure that your trip perfectly matches your expectations.

  • Environmental Responsibility:

We aren’t just adventurers. We are the custodians of the wilderness. Our dedication to stewardship of the environment means reducing our environmental footprint while significantly contributing to the conservation and protection of our ecosystem.

Select Abu Dhabi Desert Tours for an experience beyond the normal, where each experience is filled with genuine luxury and an appreciation for the desert’s magical spirit. Your experience with us isn’t just a vacation. It’s a lasting of unforgettable memories, set against one of the most beautiful landscapes. For more about our company, you can reach us through our Contact Us form.